• Wednedsday march 29th AM
Global security: Reforms and perspectives
10h00 - Which professionalization for the security sector?
11h30 - New missions for the security sector
  • Wednesday march 29th PM
Security against terrorism
14h00 - Security against terrorism – what are the new missions?
15h30 - Coordination of Mediterranean countries against terrorism
  • Thursday march 30th AM
Hi-tech in the security sector
10h00 - Will the High-tech giants takeover the security profession?
11h30 - Transportation security: maritime, airport and rail surveillance
  • Thursday march 30th PM
Security within smart cities
14h00 - What coordination between the different actors of a smart city?
15h30 - What is the problematic about CCTV?
  • Friday march 31st
New challenges for cybersecurity
10h00 - New responses to cyber-attacks